Card 11. Reading Exercises


PYTHAGORAS1 [paɪˈθæɡərəs]

 1. Match the synonyms (0,4) 

1.   achievement

2.   mysterious

3.   advise

4.   custom

5.   perfection

a)     советовать

b)    обычай

c)     достижение

d)    совершенство

e)     таинственный

 2. Say whether the sentences are TRUE or FALSE

  1. Pythagoras travelled to Egypt to learn more about mathematics and astronomy.
  2. Pythagoras was imprisoned by the Egiptians.
  3. Pythagoras was a great politician.
  4. He used music as a kind of therapy.
  5. Pithagoras beleibed there are four types of men.

3. Fill in the gaps from the box. One word is extra.

 connected       merchant       adopted      perfection       treated        secret
  1. Pythagoras was a leader of a ……………….
  2. His father was a ……… and they travelled a lot.
  3. He  ……….. many customs he’d learnt in Egypt.
  4. Pythagoras reached …………….. in arithmetic and music in Babilonia.
  5. People of Samos ……… . Pythagoras rudely and improperly.

4. Answer the questions

  1. Where did Pythagoras go to learn mathematics and astronomy?
  2. Why did Pythagoras go to Italy?
  3. What are the three types of men according to Pythagoras?
  4. What rules the Universe according to Pythagoras?
  5. Why do we remember Pythagoras?

5. Write 2-4 sentences what the text is about.

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