Card 10. Reading Exercises



1. Match the equivalents

1.     satisfy

2.     adaptive

3.     concerns

4.     a trait

5.     affirm

a)     забота

b)    подтверждать

c)     приспосабливающийся

d)    удовлетворять

e)     черта, характеристика

 2. Make up the word combinations

1.     a special closeness and

2.     physical care and

3.     to satisfy

4.     deep-rooted

5.     belong to

a)     traditions

b)    stability

c)     the family

d)    guidance

e)     all family members

 3. Say whether the sentences are True or False.

  1. To organize a family they should discuss politics. ___
  2. Teens want to spend more time with parents. ___
  3. Members of successful families belong to their families. ___
  4. Affection towards children enlarges behavior problems. ___
  5. In happy families they are negative when someone makes a mistake. ___

4. Make up sentences

  1. way / to make / is /family matters./a happy family/ to talk/ The best/ about .


  1. ways of/ are different/ norms,/  Traditions/  customs and/ behavior,/ views.


  1.  of /successful /Members/ their families/really /families/belong to .


  1. problems/ towards children/ Affection/ children’s / development/ reduces/ behavior/ and helps.


  1. families/ notice and/ Strong/ positive/ each member/ aspects of /share .



5. Answer the questions

  1. What is the best way to organize a family?
  2. Why should families with young children spend more time together?
  3. What unites a family?
  4. What do united families do together?
  5. How can family members express affection towards each other?

6. Read the article and say in 2—3 sentences what it is about.

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