Form 8. The Last Cowboy

Form 8 Unit 6 Lesson 9

The last cowboy

1. Match

1.     behave a)     still
2.     sit b)    producer
3.     drinking c)     service
4.     make d)    baby
5.     film e)     for breakfast
6.     lady’s f)      bowl
7.     room g)    badly
8.     pay h)    an awful face

2. Choose the correct answer

What is the best attraction in America?

a) Tower Bridge
b) the Grand Canyon
c) Wild West
d) Trafalgar Square

2.What does “light travel” mean?

a) with ball
b) with few things
c) without golf chubs
d) by plane

3.Why did Harry buy 2 tickets?

a) he took his friend
b) he took his wife
c) he took his producer
d) he took his dog

4. What did they travel by?

a) by plane
b) by train
c) by car
d) by ship

5.How did Roo make the woman’s baby cry?

a) she licked its feet
b) she sang songs
c) she chewed her gloves to pieces
d) she wanted to sit still

6.Where did Roo fell asleep?

a) in the doggy bed
b) on the top of TV
c) in the kitchen
d) with Harry

7.Who called room service?

a) Harry
b) dog
c) producer
d) waiter

8.Why was Harry angry with Roo?

a) because of noise
b) because of ordered breakfast
c) because of bad behavior
d) because of telephone

9.Why did Harry pay twenty dollars at the hotel?

a) for the breakfast
b) for the film
c) for the doggy bed
d) for the room service

10. What did they see first in Hollywood?

a) the big gentleman
b) the stars’ pavement
c) Crunchy Munchies
d) Producer

Автор: Заславец Ирина, учитель английского языка  Танежицкой СШ.

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