Form 10. Unit 1. Lesson 2

Lexical Drills

Task 1

Make possible phrases and translate them:

1 to be born A from her classmates
2 to spell B to the museum
3 to marry C his name
4 to have smth D limits
5 remote E in November
6 a field trip F ancestors
7 reasonable G at his young age
8 to set her apart H in common

Task 2

Fill in the suitable words:

  1. Our *** was excellent!
  2. Jack decided to *** when he was 31.
  3. Can you *** your surname, please?
  4. I have a lot in *** with my best friend.
  5. His poor sport abilities*** him *** from his classmates.
  6. You should watch TV within *** limits.
  7. I have a *** not to believe your words.
  8. David’s *** were rich and famous people.

Task 3

Make the sentences:

  1. interests, They, have, common.
  2. in, granddad, My, born, was, 1934.
  3. Jill, today, the, know, Do, you, reason, left, early, so?
  4. her, strange, Her, character, sets, from, apart, other, students.


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