Card 1 Elementary Level

Позади 3 четверти учебного года, ещё немного и для наших одиннадцатиклассников прозвучит последний звонок, а вслед за этим настанет пора экзаменов.

К большому сожалению, у каждого учителя есть ученики, которые испытывают трудности при подготовке к экзамену. С одной стороны, такие учащиеся все свои силы направляют на подготовку по профильным предметам (физике, математике, биологии, химии). А как быть с английским? Тут хоть бы 6 баллов получить.

Я волнуюсь за таких учеников и с этой целью готовлю для них упрощённые примерные ответы с минимумом материала.

1.  Let’s talk about accommodation.  What types of houses do the British people live in?   1. There are different types of houses in Britain.
2. The first type is a detached house.
3. It is not joined to any other house.
4. The second type is a semi-detached house.
5. It is joined to another house on one side.  
6. The third type is a terraced house.
7. It is one of a row of similar houses, joined together by their side walls.
8. Then there are cottages, bungalows
and blocks of flats .
9. Many British people think that a
detached house is the best type of house to have.
10. Such houses have privacy from neighbours and are ideal for gardeners and big families with children.  
2. Do you want to move into a new house/flat? Why or why not? Yes, I do. I would like to move into a new flat. New flats are modern and have good layouts.
3. What questions will you ask your landlord/landlady about the room you are going to rent? Is there a telephone in the flat?
Is there a washing machine in the kitchen?
Are pets allowed?
4. Your friend wants to decorate his/her room and make it look more modern. Give him/her some advice on how to do it.   Organize your ideas. Look for photos of designs that you like. Measure your room and plan your space.
Finally, set a budget.
5. They say that living in the city is better than living in the country. What do you think about it?   I think living in the city is better for young people. In the city there are more working opportunities and places of entertainment.
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