Card 8 Elementary Level

1) Let’s talk about your future career. What is your idea of an ideal job?   1. There is a saying: “Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”
2. I would like to do what I really love.
3. I’d like to go to my work with pleasure every day.
4. An ideal job is also a job where you can use your knowledge effectively.
5. I am ready to be trained and to improve my professional skills.
6. I’d like to grow in the company and move up the ladder.
7. In short, I want to enjoy the profession and have a profitable job.
8. It’s not easy to find an ideal job because money always matters.  
2) Some people think that it is necessary to have a good command of a foreign language to get a good job. Do you agree with this?   I agree. I think that good jobs require a good knowledge of a foreign language. English is the language of business, science and computing, a lot of useful information is in English.
3) Imagine that you are an employer at the job interview. What questions would you ask a person applying for the job?   What are your qualifications? What are you good at? Can you work in a team?
4) What would you advise a person who is about to go to a job interview?   1. Prepare for the interview beforehand. 2. Dress smartly. 3. Enter the room with a friendly smile. 4. Keep your answers simple, relevant and interesting.  
5) Explain what things people should take into consideration when choosing a career?   People should choose a profession to their interests. They should take into account their traits of character. The profession should guarantee good living conditions and give promotion.

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