A bit about remember/remind

Remember — if you remember people or events from the past, you still have an idea of them in your mind and you are able to think about them. (помнить, вспоминать)
Remind — if someone reminds you of a fact or event that you already know about, they say something which makes you think about it. (напоминать)

Ex. 1 Fill in remember or remind in their forms.

1. I *** that we had drunk the last of the coffee the week before…
2. Need I *** you who the enemy is?
3. Don’t tell me you can’t ***.
4. Passengers are *** (that) no smoking is allowed on this train.
5. It is important to *** that each person reacts differently…
6. ‘We’ve got a test tomorrow.’ ‘Don’t *** me!’
7. Do you *** Rosa Davies?
8. Please *** me to post this letter.
9. Yes, I’ll be there. Thanks for *** me.
10. I can’t *** her exact words.
11. I *** my father bringing home a huge Christmas tree.
12. *** me to buy some milk tonight.
13. She clearly *** the excitement as they boarded the train.
14. They’ve lived here for as long as I can ***.
15. That song always *** me of our first date.
16. I can’t *** her phone number.
17. I don’t *** my first day at school.
18. I can still vividly *** my grandfather teaching me to play cards.
19. Can you *** me to buy a bottle of Martini?…
20. She *** that she was going to the social club that evening…
21. She *** me of the wife of the pilot who used to work for you…
22. I *** you two couldn’t stand each other at first!
23. The girls constantly had to be *** about their chores.
24. I was *** how lucky I was.
25. The landscape *** her of Scotland.
26. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name. Can you *** me?
27. I can *** people’s faces, but not their names.
28. Could you *** Paul about dinner on Saturday?
29. I rang Jill and *** her (that) the conference had been cancelled.
30. *** that we’re going out tonight.

Note: Упражнение составлено на базе аутентичных словарей, указанных на странице «О блоге»
Данные материалы могут быть использованы для подготовки к централизованному тестированию по английскому языку.

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