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В очередном квизе из 15 предложений Вам предстоит подобрать синонимы к подчёркнутым словам. Только один из предложенных вариантов ответа является правильным. Максимальное количество баллов за квиз 15.
В случае затруднений обратитесь к рассуждениям Юры Павлова по поводу определения значения незнакомого слова в контексте.
Не поленитесь записать синонимы, вызвавшие затруднения, себе в словарь. Обязательно напишите рядом пример употребления синонима: отдельные слова без примера ничего не стоят, они забудутся через неделю-две.


Choose the one word or phrase that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence

1. The principle congratulated the student on his outstanding display of leadership.





2. The author wrote with great clarity, not missing a single detail.





3. Let’s suppose that we are floating in a cool pool on a hot summer’s day.





4. Marcia and Bill were the recipients of the president’s scholarship for fine arts.





5. Most of the wounded passengers were quickly removed from the aircraft.





6. The Titanic lies buried in its aqueous tomb.





7. His final remarks had a tremendous impact on the audience.





8. Part of the county area was annexed to the city in recent months.






9. The densely populated area was a breeding place for infectious diseases.





10. The students arrived promptly at 9 o’clock for their biology class.





11. The disinterred mummy was found to be in an advanced stage of disintegration.





12. A new government department was established to control maritime traffic.





13. The slender boy scaled the wall like a lizard.





14. The ancient Greek temple is perched on top of Athens’ highest hill.





15. Few countries today enjoy prosperous economies.





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