Form 7 U7 L1. Vocabulary Practice

Think of a word that suits all three sentences.

Choose from the list

a journey, to leave, to arrive, to take (about the time of a journey), to catch, to miss, a flight, a ticket, to check in, luggage, on time

She packed all the *** into the back of the car.
They like you to check your *** in an hour before the flight.
Each passenger was allowed two 30-kg pieces of ***.

We were all packed and ready to ***.
The bus ***s in five minutes.
Trains *** for London every 30 minutes.

He ***ed the train by three minutes.
If I don’t leave now I’ll *** my plane.
He ***ed the last bus home.

It *** (Past Simple) her three hours to repair her bike.
It ***s about half an hour to get to the airport.
It’ll *** her time to recover from the illness.

All ***s between New York and Washington have been cancelled due to fog.
We met on a *** from New York to San Francisco.
I wonder if you could help me — I’d like some information about ***s to New Zealand.

The train ***d at the station 20 minutes late.
It was dark by the time we ***d at the station.
I ***d in England on a beautiful morning in May.

If you want to *** that bus, you’d better hurry!
Then she had to leave to *** her plane.
He was still hoping to *** the 8.30 ferry.

Passengers are requested to *** *** two hours before the flight.
We’ve ***ed *** at the hotel.
Have you ***ed *** yet?

The train arrived right *** *** (= at exactly the correct time).
The trains are rarely *** ***.
Don’t worry, she’ll be *** ***…

They went on a long train *** across India.
You must be tired after your long ***.
We wished her a safe and pleasant ***.

1. luggage 2. leave 3. miss 4. take 5. flight 6. arrive 7. catch 8. check in 9. on time 10. journey


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