Form 10. Proverbs about learning and education

Exercise 1

Match the beginning and the ending to make the proverbs:

1 Knowledge is a treasure A is never spent in vain.
2 Money spent on the brain B at all times.
3 A room without books C but practice is the key to it.
4 No man is wise D is a body without soul.

Exercise 2

Find Russian equivalents:

1 A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. A Много будешь знать – скоро состаришься.
2 Live and learn. B Знать все – значит ничего не знать.
3 Too much knowledge makes the head bald. C Всякое полузнание хуже невежества.
4 To know everything is to know nothing. D Век живи – век учись.

Exercise 3

Fill in the missing words:

Power     Tomorrow          Business           Born

1. No man is *** wise or learned.

2.Knowledge is a ***.

3.Never put off till *** what can you do today.

4. *** before pleasure.

Exercise 4

Make the proverbs:

1. is, too, It, never, to, late, learn.

2. no, royal, to, is, There, road, learning.

3. is, no, burgen, Knowledge.

4. No, can, living, man, things, all.

Exercise 5

Choose the proverb you like most of all and try to prove it. (4 sentences)

I think … . What is more … . Then … . At last …

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